Our professional team with more than 15 years experience, specializing in the installation of equipment, piping, electrical and instruments in the brewery industry. We can provide turnkey solution services such as consulting, planning, process design, equipment configuration, and construction according to your requirements.

SCALE SERIES - 10kL to 100kL

Installed more than 200 sets of scale breweries. Built on-site and on budget. We are professional.


> Raw material processing system
> Fully automatic brewhouse system
> Mash tank drive stirring structure design
> Low residual sugar design of Lauter tank
> Low pressure wort boiling technology
> Heat recovery and vacuum evaporation system
> Efficient gyratory precipitation structure
> Fully automatic wort oxygenation system
> Fermentation system
> Yeast propagation system
> Integrated piping system
> CIP system
> Control System
> Utilities: water treatment system, heating system, refrigeration           system, air compression system, deoxygenated water system,             carbon dioxide recovery system, filtration system, etc.


> 4 Vessel – Mash Mixer (dedicated), Lauter Tun (dedicated), Brew           Kettle (dedicated) and Whirlpool (dedicated) [S]
> 5 Vessel – Mash Mixer (dedicated), Lauter Tun (dedicated),                     Intermediate Wort Tank (dedicated), Brew Kettle (dedicated) and         Whirlpool (dedicated) [S]
> 6 Vessel -Cooker, Mash Mixer (dedicated), Lauter Tun (dedicated),         Intermediate Wort Tank (dedicated), Brew Kettle (dedicated) and         Whirlpool (dedicated) [S]


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