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NDL 1HL 4V BH will be exhibited at NDL booth #1484 of CBC 2024 Las Vegas. This system if for sale now, click the “REQUEST A QUOTE” button or send email to to get the special price. Please include “CBC 1HL 4V BH” in your inquiry message.

System Name: 1HL 4V BH

System design:
Working Volume: 100L
BH configurations: Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Kettle, Whirlpool.
Control system: 12” Siemens HM, high automation PLC control.
Heating method: steam
Process valves: pneumatic butterfly valves
Power input: 220V 3Ph 50Hz

Mash Tun main features:
Steam heated jacket;
VSD controlled mixer paddle with the advanced design to generate vast agitation turbulence, achieves the stir and press effect to prevent the mash caking and reduce the oxygen uptake;
Top glass head hole with observation light.

Lauter Tun main features:
VSD controlled rake with hydraulic lifting and lowering movement according to the control system programming;
Automatic grain-out function;
Automatic wort filtration and high filtration efficiency: less than 180 minutes for whole lautering process;
Filtered wort volume measured by flow meter;
Precise milled false bottom with under-flush;
Top glass head hole with observation light.

Kettle main features:
Steam internal tubular heater;
Flow deflector to enhance the heat exchange rate;
Boiling temperature adjustable;
Evaporate rate 6-12% adjustable;
Top glass head hole with observation light.

Whirlpool main features:
Tangential whirlpool inlet port;
Appropriate whirlpool speed and vortex break design to reduce the oxygen uptake;
Rotatory spray on the bottom to remove the trub completely;
Top glass head hole with observation light.

1HL Brehouse Details:

4-Vessel Brewhouse

Brew Kettle

Mash Tun

Whirlpool Tank

Lauter Tank

Brewhouse Contol Panel

System Advantages:

  • Manual and automatic control mode are easily switched in HMI;
  • Recipes can be programed, stored and output;
  • Real-time process data and status display;
  • Boiling temperature and evaporation rate for kettle are adjustable;
  • Efficient whirlpooling to separate the trub fast and thoroughly from the wort;
  • High automatic system ideally for experimental brew and new receipt development.

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