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Keg Cleaners

& Fillers

Clean and fill your kegs easily and cost-effectively with NDL’s keg cleaning and filling equipment.

The range of NDL Keg Cleaners and Fillers offer excellent value and reliability. The keg cleaners are available in manual and semi-automatic versions offering both steam and electric heating options. Suitable for small to medium scale production facilities, these machines are capable of processing 40 to 60 kegs per hour. The semi-automatic machines are fully programmable. Using a simple to operate PLC. The machine consists of a control screen, compressed air pipeline, CO₂ pipeline, cleaning pipeline, as well as an angle seat valve, water tank, steam pipes, water pump, cylinder, flanges and adapters.


> Semi-Automatic & manual models available

> Clean and fill up to 40-60 kegs/hour

> Durable construction & compact design

> Compatible with all US, EURO & DIN kegs

> Siemens touch-screen PLC

> Adjustable cycle times & temperatures

Keg filling machine
Brewery auxiliary equipment-keg washer

Quality Built To Brew Your Craft