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2000 Liter Micro Brewery Turnkey System

Turnkey Performance

Per day: 10000L (100HL)
Note: Brewery performance depends on the quantity of the Cylindrical-Conical Tanks (CCT) and beer production time.



Brewhouse with an effective volume of 2000L, steam heating, four vessels. From right to left are Mash Tun, Lauter Tank, Brew Kettle, Whirlpool Tank. It can achieve continuous production of 5 brewing batches per day, with a daily output of up to 10000L.

Mash tun (Effective capacity: 2000 liters) 1 piece

Lauter tank (filter vat) (Effective capacity: 2000 liters) 1 piece

Brew kettle (Effective capacity: 2000 liters) 1 piece

Whirlpool (Effective capacity: 2000 liters) 1 piece

Hot liquor tank (Effective capacity: 4000 liters) 3 piece

Fermentation system

The fermentation system is currently equipped with 2000L*8+4000L*8 fermentation tanks and 2000L*1+4000L*3 brite tank. The fermentation tank and brite tank adopt a double-head design, which is energy-saving and heat-preserving. The pipeline adopts tube plate design, equipped with CO2 inlet and outlet, hot water inlet, cip inlet and outlet, wort inlet, yeast recovery , sake outlet, etc.

Cooling system

4000L cold water tank and 6000L glycol water tank. There are two 15HP chillers working with them outdoors. Support the cooling work of the entire brewery.

Cleaning system

The CIP system adopts four vessels design, namely acid tank, hot alkali tank, hot water tank, and aseptic water tank. The tank is set to automatically replenish water with one key. It adopts extracorporeal circulation heating, the temperature difference is automatically compensated when the tank is cleaned, and the pipeline is equipped with conductivity detection.

Control system

Integrated control cabinet 2 piece

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NDL CRAFT supplies turnkey brewing systems to breweries and beverage companies throughout the world. We offer high-quality brewhouses, cellar tanks, and ancillary equipment at some of the industry’s most competitive prices. The standard for quality is a bar which NDL Craft continuously strives to raise to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s craft breweries. 

From small pilot brewing systems to major brewery expansions, we have the design expertise and know-how to deliver what you need. No matter the size and scale of your project, we strive to offer some of the most consistent, efficient, and reliable equipment in the industry.

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