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100 Liter Micro Brewery Equipment

100L micro brewery equipment with four-vessel combination brewhouse, designed as similar as possible to the commercial set, this set of equipment perfectly combines four vessels on one operating platform with a beautiful appearance, compact structure, and reasonable layout.

Equipment Specification

  • 4 vessel (Mash + Lauter + Kettle + Whirlpool)
  • Steam heating
  • Bottom agitator, VFD control
  • Bottom rake knife, hydraulic lifting, automatic discharge
  • Designed with backwash and multi-wort collection ports
  • Built-in tubular heater
  • Column wort grant
  • Tangential inlet, counter-conical design
  • Temperature sensing device to accurately monitor the process
  • Stainless steel control cabinet, in line with CE standard
  • 12″ MCGS touchscreen
  • Electrical parts adopt Siemens, Eaton & Danfoss

Product Dtails


Mash Tun

Lauter Tank

Brew Kettle

Whirlpool Tank

Brewhouse Contol Panel

Technical Advantage ~ Fully Automated Solutions

  • Manual and automatic can be switched to suit different operation requirements;
  • Process formula can be customized, stored, or recorded;
  • Real-time display of working data and status;
  • Materials can be fully stirred, and high heat transfer efficiency, boiling temperature, and evaporation rate can be adjusted;
  • Fast separation of hop grains and hot coagulate, and can make wort and coagulate separation more thoroughly;
  • The equipment can be completely cleaned;
  • Easy to disassemble and maintain.


NDL CRAFT supplies turnkey brewing systems to breweries and beverage companies throughout the world. We offer high-quality brewhouses, cellar tanks, and ancillary equipment at some of the industry’s most competitive prices. The standard for quality is a bar that NDL Craft continuously strives to raise to meet the ever-evolving needs of today’s craft breweries. 

From small pilot brewing systems to major brewery expansions, we have the design expertise and know-how to deliver what you need. No matter the size and scale of your project, we strive to offer some of the most consistent, efficient, and reliable equipment in the industry.

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