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1000L Brewery Turnkey System

Obtainable productivity of beer, including the natural loss during technological processes (for reference only):

Turnkey Performance

Per day: 1000l (10hl)

Per week: 5000l (50hl)

Note: Brewery performance depends on the quantity of the Cylindrical-Conical Tanks (CCT) and beer production time.


Malt mill

300~500 kg/h 1 piece


Lauter tun (filter vat) (Effective capacity: 1000l) 1 piece

Mash tun/ Brew kettle/ Whirlpool (Effective capacity: 1000l) 1 piece

Hot liquor tank (Effective capacity: 2000l) 1 piece

Optional: Cold liquor tank (Effective capacity: 2000l) 1 piece

Fermentation system

Cylindrically-conical fermentation tank (Effective capacity: 1000l) 5 pieces

Bright Beer Tank (Effective capacity: 1000l) 1 piece

Cooling system

Glycol Tank (Effective capacity: 2000l) 1 piece

5HP Chiller 2 pieces

Cleaning system

Disinfection tank (Effective capacity: 100l) 1 piece

Alkali tank (Effective capacity: 100l) 1 piece

Control system

Integrated control cabinet 1 piece

NOTE: If you want to customize any of our standard sets of brewing equipment, all you need to do is to send us your request.

The Price of the 1000L Brewery Turnkey System Includes:

  • Stainless steel design
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Equipment and layout design provided
  • Staff training (remote)
  • Lifetime Maintenance)

Heating of the brewhouse:

  • Steam heating
  • Electric heating
  • Gas fire heating

NDL Craft, founded in 2011, is a brewing equipment manufacturer and brewing technology engineering company that provides many kinds of customized tanks and turnkey projects throughout the world.


Factory total floorspace 36000㎡


Company Industry experience 12 years


Total staff 230


50 awarded patents and certifications


13 overseas branches


Export to 76 countries and regions

Customer Projects

1000L Brewery Project in Australia

1000L Brewery Project in Germany

1500L Brewery Project in Korea

1000L 2-Vessel Brewhouse

1000L 3-Vessel Brewhouse

1000L Fermentation Tank


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