NDL CRAFT is your complete one-stop source for craft beer equipment and craft beer production.

NDL CARAFT offers nano brewing equipment from 1bbl to 10bbl craft breweries; Mid-sized craft brewing equipment from 10bbl to 60bbl craft beer brewhouses offer automation options to aid in repeatable outcomes.

If you are to build brewery plant in 2023

Here is the equipment what you need

Mill: for crushing the malt ready for brewing

Hot Water Tank: for cleaning and brewing

Heating system: steam or direct fire is ok but can use electric elements on smaller systems

Brewhouse: The tanks used for making wort on brew day

Fermentation vessels (Uni-Tanks): where the magic happens

Bright Beer Tank: place to put clear beer

Heat Exchanger: cooling wort on the way to the fermenter

Wort Aeration: used to add pure O2 to the wort to help the yeast

Chilling and glycol system: Used to regulate FV temp and chill beer

Control panel: to control brewhouse and FV chilling

Transfer/CIP Pump: for moving beer and cleaning tanks

Ancillary Turn-Key Equipment (optional)

  • CIP Cart
  • Keg Washer
  • Beer Transfer Pump
  • Filter – cartridge or bag filter

As we know, the brewhouse is the crown jewel in most breweries. So what is included of NDL-15BBL brewhouse?

– Sanitary Stainless steel design

– 3 vessels (MT/KT; LT; KT/WT)

– 3 pumps with VFD control

– Grist case

– Glass liquid level with the scale indication

– Direct fire heating( steam heating/electric               heating optional)

– Automatic Control with the Pneumatic valves

– Tubular heat exchanger

– All electric, heating and cooling components           have UL listings

– Equipment and layout design provided

Localized technology, sales, and operation

Familiar with localized electrical requirements

Subsidiary located in Detroit, United States





As one of the most established equipment manufacturers in China, NDL Craft is carrying this tradition forward into the future. from small pilot brewing systems to major brewery expansions, we have the design expertise and know-how to deliver what you need. No matter the size and scale of your project, we strive to offer some of the most consistent, efficient, and reliable equipment in the industry.

During the beer brewing market, we also have many customers are just started making beer, I often get asked “What is the minimum equipment I need to order to get up and running after I get to the brewing building? NDL CRAFT will provide the complete solution from the malt milling to beer sales and help them open the brewery as scheduled.

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Quality Built To Brew Your Craft