Bottling &


Fill and Cap your bottles easily and cost-effectively with NDL’s bottle filling and capping equipment.

The range of NDL bottle filling and capping equipment covers 4 to 10 heads. There are semi-automatic versions also available offering a fully programmable machine using a simple to operate PLC. Suitable for small scale production facilities, these machines are capable of processing 300 to 800 bottles per hour.


> Model: Semi-Automatic bottle and filling machine (4 to 10 stations)

> Filling Capacity: 300-800 bottles/hour

> Filling Method: Upward isobar filling

> Bottle Volume: 330ml to 500ml glass bottles

> Voltage: AC220V/50HZ (Voltage customizable)

> Dimension: 1500mm to 2200mm x 800mm x 2400mm

> Weight: 150 to 300KG