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From small craft brewery solutions to large-scale production facilities ranging in size from 1hL to 100hL, NDL CRAFT has the right solution for every output requirement and budget.


Brewhouse ranging in size from 1hL to 100hL

Our brewhouses are a complete solution. As well as all the brewing vessels and tanks, we will provide you with a detailed brewery layout and include all heating, refrigeration, pumps, valves, pipework, and controls. A genuine turnkey solution.


2 Vessel (Mash/Kettle/Whirlpool + Lauter)

3 Vessel (Mash/Kettle + Lauter + Kettle/Whirlpool)

4 Vessel (Mash + Lauter + Kettle + Whirlpool)

Fermentation Tanks & Bright Tanks

NDL Craft offers fermentation tanks and bright tanks with ultra-precise welding and polishing, complete traceability, and validated material quality to meet all international safety standards. Our pressure tanks range from 5hL to 150hL in size. All our pressure tanks are registered and certified for use in Australia.


> Fermenters have 25% and bright tanks have 20% headspace minimum
> Interior Shell: SUS304 fully welded
> Exterior Shell: SUS304 fully welded
> Dish Head & Inner Cone SUS304 fully welded
> 100% TIG Welding with pure argon gas shield
> Interior Finish: Sanitary 2B finish, Pickled and Passivated
> Interior fully polished to a consistent ≤0.8μm
> Insulated with high density polyurethane foam
> Glycol jacket: dimpled plate on cone (fermenter and sides)
> Dished head and 60-degree cone bottom on fermenters
> Dished head and bottom on bright tanks
> CIP arm with 360° coverage spraying ball
> Pressure tested at 45psi
> Double-acting gas vent valve (below 100HL)
> Pressure and anti-vacuum valve (above 100HL)
> Thermowell for high accuracy temperature sensor
> TC carbonation port with stone (optional on fermenters)
> SUS304 heavy duty legs with levelling pad and leg supports
> Sanitary level tube and butterfly valves
> CO2 blow-off arm with butterfly valve  (fermenters)
> Rotating racking arm and port on cone with butterfly valve (fermenters)


As one of the most established brewing equipment manufacturers, NDL Craft is your preferred partner for high quality brewhouses, cellar tanks, and ancillary equipment supplied at some of the industry’s most competitive prices. From small pilot brewing systems to major brewery expansions, we have the design expertise and know-how to deliver what you need.

Our Brewery Installations In Australia

5HL Brewery

Block Tackle Brewery Located In Australia

10HL Brewery

Bucketty Brewery Located In Australia

35HL Brewery

Big Shed Brewery Located In Australia

5HL Brewery

Damian Brewery Located In Australia

10HL Brewery

Deadset Brewery Located In Australia

35HL Brewery

Dainton Brewery Located In Australia

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With decades of brewery experience, whether it is a new start-up, a major upgrade or a commercial scale operation, NDL CRAFT has a perfect brewery solution for your needs.

We also have a branch in Australia and can help you solve various import problems and after-sales if you need.

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